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If your LCD display is dim on your Janome (New Home) Memory Craft 8000 or 5700 machine, it's likely an LCD backlight failure.  The backlight on these machines typically becomes very dim after several years of use and with continued use the LCD may go completely dim.  Purchasing a factory or OEM replacement module is many times more expensive and is becoming almost impossible to find as the manufacturer no longer offers it.  This is a great alternative for the do-it-yourself individuals... and those who don't feel comfortable with doing the replacement themselves can simply purchase this kit and take it to your local sewing machine repair shop and have them install it for you.   What ever route you choose, once you have replaced the LCD backlight in your Memory Craft, the display will look and function like new again!  This kit is only for replacing the LCD backlight and not the touchscreen or any related circuit boards.

Common symptoms: 
Typically when the LCD backlight starts to fail it will be most dim at the center.  After continued use, the LCD backlights often go completely dim.  Adjusting the contrast control knob may change the display when turned but does not correct the issue... it will likely cause it to go completely dim.  If you are not sure if your machine is suffering from a faulty LCD backlight, your local sewing machine repair shop should be able to confirm this for you before placing your order.

Included in the kit is a new replacement LCD backlight and a manual that is 17 pages in length with over 60 color photos that fully details how to replace the LCD backlight.  The backlight replacement will make a dramatic improvement in usability of your machine!

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